Going above the above and beyond the beyond.

It's what makes you Unexpectedly Human.

Connecting with kids on Cape Cod, MA

Meet JT, affectionately known in his community as "Mr. Positivity." When he's not working full time as a nurse's aide, he's reaching out to kids as a motivational speaker, livestreaming Friday night dance parties and keeping spirits up during tough times. See his kindness and generosity in action.

Putting a spin on business as usual in Cliffwood, NJ

As the owner of a turntable manufacturing business, Mat Weisfeld loves sharing his passion for music. When his local hospital was struggling to gather enough PPE, he realized he could share something much bigger. His team shifted production to make hand sanitizer and face shields, saving the day for countless frontline workers. Check out how he made it happen.

Spreading positivity across town in Sayville, NY

When the pandemic brought the folks in her community down, Eileen Tyznar made it her mission to lift them back up. She raised over $25,000 in relief for small businesses, hand delivered PPE kits, coordinated meal donations and treats for frontline workers—and she was just getting started. Watch the video to see how she became a beacon of hope for everyone in Sayville.

Working together for food security in Harlem, NY

Tony Hillery founded Harlem Grown to educate local kids about urban farming and nutrition. But when a shift to remote learning exposed a technology gap in his community, he stepped up to help address that critical need. Outside of his work as a mentor and educator, he joined other local nonprofits to deliver over 13,000 hot meals, feeding Harlem residents living in shelters and keeping restaurant workers employed.

Image of a women sitting at her dining room table on the computer while her husband stands behind her holding a laundry basket.

Advocating for financial literacy in Philadelphia, PA

The need for diversity, inclusion and equity is more important than ever, and Kasey Price continues to answer the call. As a social advocate, Kasey uses her experience in curriculum development to bring financial literacy programs to schools and correctional systems in her community. Her grassroots efforts focus on teaching basic principles that, over time, can help break the pattern of generational poverty.

Helping small business storefronts stay open in Anderson, SC

As the owner of a small creative agency, Bobby Rettew experienced the impact of the pandemic firsthand. But that didn't stop him from using his craft to support other businesses in his community, amplifying their services at no cost with his #AndersonStrong Storefront Stories video series.

Lifting spirits and feeding the front lines in Boston, MA

Tresca restaurant turned its second-story balcony into a stage, partnering with the North End Music and Performing Arts Center to host free opera performances. The unexpected entertainment, along with a ton of free meals for healthcare workers and firefighters, was just what the community needed to get through a tough time.

Looking out for furry (and human) friends in Camden, SC

While pet adoptions soared during the pandemic, so did the number of abandoned pets. Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta's nonprofit dog rescue stepped up, welcoming more dogs into their own home and organizing food drives to deliver pet food to families in need.

Giving back means pitching in.

Sometimes it takes more than a big check. It takes a big heart. That's why we donate more than just money, we donate our time—over 83,000 volunteer hours last year alone.

We're locals helping locals.

We love where we live and work. So we show it by getting out, helping out and supporting our communities year-round.

The Ready Commitment

The world is changing. And we’re ready to help. Through initiatives like The Ready Challenge, we aim to improve financial security, create a vibrant planet, connect communities and encourage better health.

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